Tuesday, March 22, 2005


the flu is catching up. dunno if i'm going uphill or downhill. any time out of the office is good. airconditioning plays havoc when you've got the flu. especially if you've got airconditioning like ours which is carefully adjusted to be always outside the range of comfortable.

which is why so many people in the building have electric fans, and fan heaters.

being the boss isn't much fun. but it's a challenge i guess. i'm not dead yet. the new guy has finished his indoctrination, and doesn't appear to be bleeding too heavily from the ears. he's a computer geek, opinionated, got ideas what he wants to do and generally a bit difficult. so he's gonna fit right in.

he certainly has the talk though. if he can walk the walk, as good as he can talk the talk, he's gonna be good. hell, i'm only the "acting" boss. he could get my job yet. he's certainly got the credentials. i'm gonna throw a few projects his way, he's a security expert, and i've got a few jobs that could be right up his alley. plus one of our younger techs can go along for the ride with him and pick some stuff up. i can't be arsed being paranoid, i know there's lots of stuff i know nothing about. he was telling me some stuff today about how we could improve things, and i'm only picking up about every third word. perhaps i'll have to revoke my geek status. i'll see how much slack i can give him, and try and balance him with everyone else. don't want anyone getting bored. and i certainly don't want anyone stuck on the helpdesk going insane.

one of the advantages of being new is that he isn't loaded down with unfinished shit. and he's keen and raring. i've got some chores that are right up his alley...

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