Saturday, March 26, 2005

too wet for skiing today. skiing in the rain is too hard, you can't look forwards because you get pelted in the eyes with raindrops, plus it was windy and yucky. so we leave the batteries on charge and make other plans.

a mate of mine rings me that i haven't seen for years. he's in shitville 2580 visiting his mum. so i figure as i'm not doing anything anyway, i might as well go up there for a drive and catch up. not too many loonies on the roads today, but lotsa cops, so i'm behaving. as i drive to his mum's place i drive past the war memorial. there's a bump and a big dip on the hill. when we were young and had hotted up cars we'd come hooting over here and get airborne. anyone silly enough to sit in the backseat of my torana would headbutt the roof.

so i catch up with my friend and his girlfriend, then we went over to canberra for no particularly good reason. drove around and checked out some tourist shit. then back over to shitville. i'm all done with company. i like my friend, but he loves to reminisce about all the bad shit thats happened in his life, and i'd prefer to forget all the crap that's happened. being back in shitsville is annoying enough anyway. so i say my goodbyes and take off.

quickly drop in on some other friends i haven't seen in awhile. the only people i usually travel up there to see. then i get out of town. it's getting on my nerves.

a big fat full moon over the road in front of me as i drive home. a redbull to keep me awake, and an hour and a half later i'm home. less driving tomorrow i promise myself...

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