Wednesday, March 02, 2005

the title described

i get a bit of amusement the way some people link to me.

if you're anything like me, you only put people in your list of links, so you can zoom down in firefox, right clicking on each one, and opening them in a new tab. so you can troll through the blogosphere at your leisure. dunno if anyone goes through my links to any of the stuff i read every day.

Dirk has the closest translation, he just says "big words". if he'd gone a step further and said meaningless big words, he'd have got it just right :-) MsCynic just says lunacy101, while Jonas, probably the first person to link to me (which surprised the shit out me that anyone would link to me) succintly just says "the rat" :-)

Niki actually writes out the whole title, Tony i thought had said "amphigoric m p", but i was either imagining it, or he's bored of reading it and removed me from the list :-) woops, my bad, now i'm an "old linker". presumably a fate reserved for older farts who keep on doing stupid things.

don't worry Zoe. whatever you put there, if anything, is just fine by me. hell, just put "some moron who linked to me one day when i wasn't looking", but i guess that's longer too isn't it ;-)

everyone else tends to vary between rat, the whole thing, or bits and pieces. it's all cool. (thanks Sue, Celestial Blue and House Husband (who's gone on hiatus, again)

nonsensical meaningless pointlessness (eg: sitting up after 12:30 on the computer, downloading the soundtrack from grosse pointe blank, eating cheezels. hmmm, cheezels all gone, time for bed!)

how embarrassment! a thousand apologies. and thanks to Hooch. amazed that anyone would link to me. so in a post where i troll the various linkers, i don't want to miss any. ya'all seriously need to find some more interesting reading :-)

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