Sunday, March 06, 2005

a sunday in the sun

i think i'm sunburnt. my face is feeling a little tight. but it was a great day.

went on the dolphin watch cruise. unfortunately the only dolphins we saw were painted on the side of the boat. the group was so big we booked two boats. of course the other damn boat saw dolphins. oh well. i don't care for me, because i see them all the time. but i really wanted to see how the kids reacted to seeing the dolphins.

bit of a bbq, a swim, bludging in the sun. a relaxing happy sunday. it's all good.

i didn't make an idiot of myself either (well not that i've found out yet). which is always good. well just now i managed to spill my beer. fortunately no on the keyboard, but all over me. bleah. i am so fucking unco, you wouldn't believe it.

those blue eyes.....

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