Monday, March 28, 2005

the ski boat still isn't fixed. so i nicked dad's boat and took the kids for a drag.

D managed to get up on his surfboard behind the boat. i was very impressed. i've tried it and never got away with it. my niece came along as well. she had a go on the kneeboard. i managed to bounce her off a few times, but she was still giggling at the end of the day. i think they all had fun. L just likes going fast. so skiing isn't the most exciting, although she likes yelling at them to stand up, or me to go faster. of course when she drives, the throttle is fully down and we're off.

D is really switched on with his driving, always looking ahead and thinking. so i'm pretty happy with that. i'll get them both licenses. D can drive when i'm skiing, and L can do the commute up the river :-) that way i can make sure we don't get into mischief.

i've just been trolling through boatpoint.com.au for the first time since i was married i'm feeling a really big urge to budget myself, live like a pauper for awhile, and buy some new toys. once my mate's boat is fixed i reckon we'll be skiing all winter.

bring it on.

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