Thursday, March 03, 2005

nuthin interesting to report.

got totally annoyed trying to download a coupla songs last night. rudie can't fail, by the clash, and armagideon time, by the clash :-) . eventually got them. and also decided i had to have an original. thanks amazon.com.

i was amazed by the amount of corrupted downloads though. does no-one listen to the shit they download? i musta downloaded 30 versions of the same song. after 30 seconds they'd repeat from the start. i figured the only way to beat that is to delete all the shitty ones i downloaded and make sure the good ones are left.

in a moment of weakness i wanted to download a song by robbie williams - radio. ok, yes, he was in one of them lame boy bands. but i like this song. sure, he sings a lot of shit, but he's got 1 or 2 good songs i reckon. so anyway, back to the story, every single song i managed to find was blank. the record companies apparently swamped the peer to peer network with shit. (well thats what i heard anyway. i'm not infallible, i was wrong once...)

not working tonight. cause i've gotta work tomorrow night. which sucks. sure i like the money. but i work all week and they pay me for that. i don't particularly enjoy doin overtime. ok, yes, i'm in the computer industry, it goes with the territory. but i'd rather kick back and relax. so i'm not working every gosh darned night of the week. i don't live to work. i work so i can buy toys. the one who dies with the most toys wins. (must pay off frikking credit card!!)

time to update wishlist....

i really need a (working) motorcycle. i am so fucking fractious (i think that's the word anyway - how about champing at the bit?) i was thinking of one of those kawasaki zrx1000's. big and fast, no fairings. or maybe an old cb1100r, no fairings, a bit of late model running gear on it. seen a few when we were racing forgotten era. totally cool. nothing like watching your rider (i was crewing) overtake a really late model BIG superbike on his 20 year old pig. heh! a friend of mine has a bimota DB1. she was even featured in streetbike once. rotten woman. i am insanely jealous. i managed to talk her out of selling a lil while back. i figured if it was mine, i'd never forgive myself. but i'd settle for an mv augusta or an rv mille :-) or if i win the lotto, a squalo. not posting the link for that. can't find the page i want, and it's too beautiful for a stupid thumbnail. here's a link to someone else's. but it's not the one i want.

i'll be dribbling for hours now. maybe that will take my mind off that blue eyed birdie (fat fucking chance)

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