Wednesday, March 23, 2005


another day, another disaster, another 500 friggen grey hairs.

i think i learned a new skill though. when someone i work with was a bit grumpy and stuff, wanting to know what i was gonna do and when i was gonna do it (and hurry me up) i just levelled with him. here's the facts, everything we can do to resolve the problem is gonna involve a network outage to a heap of people for at least 20-30 mins. we're waiting on the supplier to give us the best answer so we know where to go from there. if we're going to stuff everyone up for that time, i'd prefer to do it only once.

as it was the supplier didn't get back to us until too late anyway, so we bluffed our way through. one of the guys is in there tonight sorting it out. hopefully tomorrow all will be good. ha ha fucking ha.

i'm too tired and cranky with the flu to take any shit, and it seemed to work. oh i'm sure he's taking flack from unhappy customers, and he's not happy about it. well cry me a river, i'm not happy either. but the shit is in the fan already, get over it.

still fogheaded by the end of the day, so i've swapped my weekend and someone else is working on the weekend in my place. pity, i was looking forward to a 4 day weekend on the water, but seeing as i'm meant to board tomorrow night, and i still don't know if i'm getting better or still getting worse, i thought i'd better organise my replacement already. oh well, maybe my mate will take his boat out and we can go for a ski.

paid soccer rego. now i've just got to get new boots for me and for my daughter. not training tonight, got to get better first. i'll go for a run on monday or something...

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