Thursday, March 24, 2005

happy thursday

don't i wish

one chore done. a few failed to complete. a few beers at the pub after work. i think i just took my cough medicine twice by mistake. i don't think that will kill me, but it'll probably kick in after 30 mins or so and keep me awake until 4:00am.

dropped into another pub on the way home. it's just changed hands. different manager, different bar staff,. lotsa pissed young blokes with attitudes they're gonna have a shitfight there tonight.

not working this weekend as i have the flu, but i'm healthy enough to go skiing. woohoo. you only live once, as far as i know anyway. water's warm, i'll be right.

one of the old dudes at work died today. he was a painful old bastard when it came to work stuff. like working on his computer. he kicked me out of his office once. he'd had to deal with another tech who rubbed him up the wrong way, and i bore the brunt of it. but he came along with a group of us to the cricket for the last 3 years i think. we always stopped to say g'day to each other and have a yarn. and i'd pretend to understand when he started talking about the cricket. a good lad. i'm sorry to see him go.

he'll be missed.

give 'em heaps Ken. i had a few drinks for you tonight. we all did. here's to you old son

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