Thursday, March 10, 2005

get home, sister says, so how was the pub?


see anyone there you know?

your brother


your other brother. (cause i rang him)

fair dinkum there's some dipshits in the world. coupla koori lads are playing pool with everyone else. they ain't causing any trouble. but there's one mcfukkin moron with a chip on his shoulder mouthing off about blackfellas.

we talk to the moron. he's a nephew of a friend. "please shuttup dickhead". he says yeah, no worries. but he doesn't stop mouthing off. fuckwit.

so we talk to the lads. apologise for poor behaviour. say he's a nephew of a friend etc.. they say they aren't gonna do nuthin. just have a chat to him one day when everyone is sober. they are more sober than me.

pissed nephew of friend keeps mouthing off. i'm wondering, is it ok for me to punch him to shut him up? fucking moron.

i'm going home. on the way out we ask koori lads to please not bury drunken spastic. they laugh. i reckon unless he's stupid enough to pick a fight, he'll be right. unfortunately he appears to be pretty stupid.

forget black and white, koori and skippy. i've managed (with a few unfortunate exceptions) to get along, no worries. but if you're looking for a fight, you're gonna get one. this idiot is looking for a fight, and the people he's annoying, are nowhere near as pissed as him. but he'll learn nuthin, except pain.

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