Friday, March 04, 2005

funky friday

well it would be more funky if i didn't have to work. my sis and my dad have gone fishing. a guy who used to work here had a sign at his desk: "the worst day fishing, is better than the best day working".

someone said to me the other day that i was the first person they'd ever seen wandering around the office with a shirt, tie, and no shoes.

gotta work tonight, hopefully not for too long. sure i like the extra money for working overtime.

but i'd rather have my playtime...

so i'm gonna scoot home, get changed into me drinkin togs, get back to work somehow, try and finish the job quickly, then bugger off to the pub. i'll call that plan A.

working until 2:00am and then again tomorrow can be called plan fuck. to be avoided at all costs

update: damn, skiing tomorrow is cancelled. drat

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