Friday, March 11, 2005

friday at last. hip hoo fucking hooray.

well my week was an interesting week.

i'm bein the boss this week. but i'm not really stressing out. had a few beers tonight with a hr type person. and i found they are not all totally useless. she gave me a few ideas that can help me with my people. making sure they aren't all adrift with my "fast and loose" leadership style. i'm totally against over managing people. all the people i work with have brains. none of them need their hands held.

the latest object of my affection was at the pub after work. we thought the best way to unwind after bein at work all week, was to have a coupla drinks after work at the pub. she'd already told me that she wasn't interested. just wants to be friends. and that's cool with me. actually very cool. crush cured. i've got my brain back and am able to think again.

i think she was a little worried i'd be, er, a little strange about it all. but it's easy for me. i'm unable to have a crush on anyone who has expressed disinterest. don't bother telling me a reason. reasons are not required. in my world, interest is driven by emotion. if you ain't interested, then you ain't interested. no point getting all revved up. don't know what works with girls though. i'm sure all the cool guys are perfectly capable of making the girlies quiver in their little booties. well, just sucks to be me :-)

so anyway, we talked and we laughed. and i'm hoping that she's not feeling bothered now. i hate feeling that a friend is bothered by my advances. i guess that means i've got a lot to learn.

well i don't give a flying fuck. (plug that into the give-a-fuck-o-meter batman). relationships for me are very hit and miss. but when they hit. they really hit. i've finally worked out that i'm a fairly emotional moron, and when the chicky of my dreams comes along, well she just clicks and it's all good. i've got no other way of describing it other than that. it worked twice, and i stuffed it up both times.but every other time, when it doesn't click, it's like the wave doesn't sweep me away.

gah. i'll be single till i die now. there can not be that many gullible chickies in the world...

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