Friday, March 25, 2005

easter friday, or some pagan festival, who cares. long weekend :-)

i was rostered to work, but on wednesday, due to the flu, i figured i'd better get someone to take my place, instead of leaving it until the last minute and possibly not being able to go.

deckie number 1 took my place. my job description is deckhand, galley slave, and tart. work on the deck, work in the galley (washing dishes) and flirt with the customers. one of the other deckies is deckie number 1, i'm probably number 2 or 3. my sister, who i introduced to the boat after i started work, is tart number 1. without a shadow of a doubt. i'm tart number 5, or maybe 6. tart in training. frigging hopeless. the boss and my sister start giggling and sniggering between themselves when they see me talking to a girl.

so last night i thought i'd have an early night, seeing as i have the flu, and spend the weekend getting over it. but someone sends me (and a bunch of others) an email at work saying "how about a few drinkies at the pub?" seeing as it's the end of the week and all. twist my arm and i'm there like a shot. then i get a message on my phone to ring my mate with the boat, woohoo, skiing today! after a sleep in!

it was an ok day on the water. the sun was up, the water is nice. getting a little cool, but i wore a wetsuit (yeah i'm a wuss, but i've got a cold) to stay warm. unfortunately we had battery problems though. looks like the alternator mightn't be charging the batteries. so we got a jump start. but we usually start in gear, the dog clutch doesn't work very well, and every time we try to put it in gear after jump starting in neutral, we stall. the very patient lads who came to our rescue (we're gonna buy them a few beers if we seem them again) ended up driving their boat, with us holding on beside them, while we started in gear, jumper leads between the two boats. sounds dodgy? well yes it was. but we got away with it. i drew the short straw and was driving, me mate looks at me as we thank the lads for their help, unclip the leads, and peel off, and he says to me.

"don't stall it"

so we go. i think the boat was designed for someone a lot shorter than me. i have to wedge myself as far back in the seat as possible, otherwise my right ankle smashes into the dash board every time we hit a bump. it's a left hand drive, right foot throttle. 20 mins back to the boat ramp, and we stop. just to see, we try and start it again. not a chance. the alternator must be cactus. so the batteries are on charge and we're taking a spare. we'll go skiing again tomorrow and see how we go. teething problems :-)

another day. another dodgy boat trip. life is never boring...

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