Sunday, March 13, 2005

do you ever get the feeling that life is a game? the problem is. i don't know the rules and every-fucking-body else does

i get that feeling. funnily enough it's just been highlighted by an advertisement on telly. i don't usually watch telly. there's a picture of a pretty girl in a bikini. and it's just occurred to me that one of the rules appears to be that it's ok to lust after pretty girls, just because they're pretty girls. and they expect, and actually want, to be lusted after. except of course for when i actually think it's ok to lust after the cute chickies, then for some other rule i don't get, it's not ok.

maybe it's just one of those zen moments...

it reminds me of a line from a douglas adams book i like to read. dirk gently's holistic detective agenty. his stars for the day reads: "everything you do today will be wrong". i wonder how the fuck i managed to apply that to my whole damn life...

(disclaimer: whatever you thought i meant by all this, i probably didn't. wherever i thought i was going with this, is distorted by the fact that my life is one big fuckup)

the worst thing is, tomorrow is hangover monday. it'll really suck.

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