Thursday, March 17, 2005

another toxic thursday

well surprisingly, toxic thursday ended up with a win.

admittedly i only attempted one thing today. but it worked. eventually. some of our wide area network is connected by radio modems, unfortunately on unlicensed frequencies. this particular equipment has only 3 usable channels. sure it says it has 11, but all the fuckers overlap don't they.so you can use channel 1, channel 6 and channel 11. that's it. period.

so a little history. we got this stuff because it's cheap. relatively anyway. about $2000 an end. so a point to point connection costs you $4000. it works great in antarctica (got a friend working down there at the moment, he's having a frikking blast and i'm so jealous). but here we have a few problems.

my most particularly hated application we have ever deployed, started fucking up at a remote site a month ago. so i do a little investigation, and the fucking thing is having heaps of frikking packet errors. we try swapping the radio modem, but no change. scratch head and pick splinters out of fingernails.

then the boss says maybe talk to one of the local isp's might help. he's been using a few of the same unlicensed channels that we do. and he reckons there's a fair chance he is interfering, but no way can he turn it off. fuck. so i get one of the free maps we give out and draw a few lines on it with channels and point to points for the radio part of our network. and then work out a plan of attack for changing channels to see if that fixes the interference.

i must have driven 300 kilometres today. and the car is completely covered in mud (which makes me feel pretty good actually. there's nothing like nearly, but not quite, bogging your stupid 2wd work vehicle and getting it muddy hehehe). usually we only get interference from ourselves, so i had to work that bit out first, missed one though, and i changed the main link we were having problems with. only to find that the interference had changed ends. at least this time we're only fucking ourselves up. another drive around and fuck around with settings and it's all good.

errors are gone. now to see if stupid fucked up application works.

and i'm fucked...

soccer training for L. pay her rego (only $105) but her boots are trashed so i've gotta buy some new ones. damn. oh well, at least she's playing sport and meeting people and having fun.

my sister has been annoying the cat with a laser pointer she's found. and the little feral bastard goes off his nut. varnished wooden floors and a furry white feral monster going around and around in circles chasing a red laser dot has to be seen to be believed. and no, shining the laser dot on your brother as he goes from fridge to computer is not funny.

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