Tuesday, March 01, 2005

another pause of reason

another painful day. only exchanged brief words (email fuckit) with blue-eyed girl. so not a lot of positives. i'd cruise past her desk every day, but i think that's stalking. i get self conscious just thinking about it. then i got to drive all over the countryside. but i think it was grannies day out. everyone was doing 80kph in the 100kph zone. that would be cool except for the line-up from hell behind them. overtaking one car is easy. leap froggin from the back of the pack to the front is difficult. i refuse to overtake where i don't have good line of vision, and a snake of slow moving cars can be a huge obstacle. if you're having trouble keeping up to the speed limit, if it's all too hard for you love, then every 5 minutes, stop, revive, survive...

apparently in canada, every 5 mins or so are these lanes on the left for slow vehicles to move over into, so everyone can move along. no overtaking into on-coming traffic. sounds cool to me.

anyway. just watched one of my all time favourite movies. grosse pointe blank. it reminds me a little bit of my 10 year school reunion. everyone coming back with expecations. trying to be more than they are etc... romy and michelle's high school reunion and stuff. however the best bits of my 10 year reunion were seeing some of the annoying, nasty bastards, and some of the toxic shit that had happened to them.

i really hated school, especially high school. i have pitiful social skills. i don't fit in. everything i do is wrong. to this day i probably carry the stigma from that. someone once told me that school was the best years of my life. he was waaayyyy fucking wrong. it basically fits with my image of what prison must be like. a whole bunch of nasty cunts who enjoy making your life miserable, students and teachers alike. yes there were some good teachers, unfortunately you only had to be a mediocre teacher to shine like a fucking beacon in the fog... (mr stace, you're a cunt. if we ever meet again, i'll punch your fucking lights out)

i am so happy for my kids that they are happy with school. it's a whole lot better than what it was.

anyway, grosse pointe blank. totally cool. at my 10th year of escaping school (ok, it was 10 years from year 10, but the smarter buggers left in year 10, and they wanted to include them....) we had a reunion. caught up with the friends that i see anyway, and a few decent people. and quietly rejoiced that some of the nastier arseholes weren't there, were dead, or were working in kmart.

my ex-wife started a food fight with my friends. makes me grin to this day :-) one of my best mates threw a peanut at her, so she picked up the bowl and threw the lot back. i've got good taste in women, unfortunately the women i'm interested in have good taste as well, they don't put up with me for long...

i missed my 20th year reunion. didn't hear about it until too late. then i was working that weekend already, and anyone i really wanted to catch up with wasn't going to be there anyway. the 30th could be fun...

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