Sunday, March 27, 2005

another day in the life of a rat. not much to say really. ski boat isn't right yet, but we're taking it out tomorrow because the batteries are charged and we're taking a rescue boat. in any case, the kids will be happy.

D wants to try surfing behind the boat, and L just loves going fast. i think i'm taking at least one of my brother's gremlins, maybe the whole tribe. we'll see tomorrow.

next year. definitely my own boat. can go when i want, and no excuses. plus if my brother wants to go, or my other skiing buddies from my earlier life, they can just take the damn boat if they want.

i just had one of those retail therapy moments. bought a dvd on ebay about slalom water skiing by an ex world champion, andy mapple. can't wait to see it...

ps: ok, yes, i'm obsessing. it's in my nature...

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