Tuesday, March 08, 2005

and toxic tuesday comes to the fold.

another day. another dollar. another 50 cents in tax. another day sees the rat running round like a crazed loony with no idea.

dunno where monday went. i'm sure it was there. a day of failed expecations and failures to meet deadlines. hello hangover monday. but that's all par for the course. we're working up to humpday here. when we get paid. perhaps i'll get something right. not holding my breath though, i might turn blue.

despite all my stupidities, and whatever social faux pars i commit. my kids will still talk to me. so L and i play squash, she wearies even earlier than normal and it's time to drop her off. but she wants to know when she can come over on the weekend. D is undecided, doesn't know when he's seeing his girlie yet. i'm fairly understanding about that. it's nice to please everybody, but she is someone new and exciting in his life. so it's all good.

you can only get undivided attention from your kids for so long. then they develop interests, and partners, and social lives. dunno what happens after that. if you are 36 and you go to your folks once a week, does that mean you enjoy their company? or you have completely failed to keep whatever relationships you've had, going. for me. i've failed. but i'm not gonna be down about that for more than a lil bit. it's good to socialise with the folks. if i was a really, all together switched on, froody dude. i'd be in a relationship, and still managing to catch up with the folks for a bit of a bullshit session over a few beers.

on the other side of the coin though, if not for my marriage, i'd never bother spending time with the folks at all. hmmm, dunno how to compute that. except i know i never learned to appreciate my parents until after i was married. probably another failing. but at least i enjoy them now i spose.

tomorrow is a whole new day. i wonder what i'll do wrong tomorrow :-) so much potential, but only two hands....


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