Monday, February 14, 2005

well i wasn't gonna whinge, and i wasn't gonna sulk. woops. and i was gonna go without beer until this weekend when i go on a winery tour. oops. i've got all the self restraint (and good sense it appears) of a three year old. and the attention span of a goldfish.

mondays suck. valentine's mondays suck even more. clear sunny mondays where the wind doesn't start blowing until after lunch, and the surf is up, and the river is flat (ok, forget the jelly blubbers for a bit) really really suck.

well anyway. hope all you romantic souls who are actually in relationships had a great time spoiling your other halves. i'll just be over here in the sulking section. the worst thing is, only got myself to blame.

now that really sucks... oh well. shit happens. gotta laugh at me-self. until they drag me off screaming to the nuthouse that is...

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