Tuesday, February 08, 2005

up to sydney today for microsoft indoctrination. sorry, i mean an informative seminar that doesn't bang microsoft's drum every 30 seconds. ha ha fucking ha.

there were a coupla good speakers who didn't blow their own trumpet and force feed us m$ doctrine. so we got a bit out of the day. maybe even enough to justify getting up at 5:00am to get up there late for the first session. but it was the keynote introductory thingy anyway. think of it like days of our drearies (days of our lives if that's too subtle). you only have to see one keynote every few years and you can fill in the blanks yourself.

typically they have three "tracks" or something like that. it's kind of like a theme. if you are an "evil empire" developer (or stupid empire, you pick) then you go to the msdn one. if you're one of the poor bastards who have to clean up each time the evil empire releases a new piece of trash, then you pick one of the other two lines, or just switch randomnly between them like me.

so i got a bit of a run down on exchange 2003 and how you can use the tools to deal with spam. then we stopped for morning tea (yum) and signed up for a few junk mail lists to check our spam filter with. i mean we put in entry forms with email addresses to win xboxes or a mini-mal with a goddamn msdn logo all over it. if i win that there'll be gorilla grip from arsehole to breakfast on that deck let me tell you...

sorry i apologise. don't click that stupid link. as soon as you "enter" the site the stupid fuckers open a new window, complete with music. gorilla grip good. stupid web developers must be part of the evil empire. it's just some shit that you glue on your board if you don't wanna use mys palmers mighty mounds board wax (smaller harder nipples, satisfaction guaranteed)

anyway. another fun day in the wierd world of a rat. at the end of the day we were trying to choose between two particularly pathetic topics for the last seminar, when the boss said, how about we just piss off early. fucking good idea.

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