Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ok, nothing exciting to say (like do i ever). but i'm kind of getting self conscious about having cupid's corpse near the top of the page. (i wouldn't get self conscious sitting alone with a pot plant, like Arthur Dent, but two pot plants...) so over the next few days i'll babble heaps and push him to the bottom of the shitheap

the weather: it's raining. can't decide whether or not to piss down. so we're just getting big fat confused raindrops. they kind of hit the ground, looking for a party, and every now and then, another pissed raindrop spears in as well. then they kinda seem to think that the party is happening somewhere else. so all the other little pissed raindrops bugger off somewhere else for a while. but then i guess not much partying going on, on a tuesday.

so i thought i'd put some new wiper blades on. again. getting sick of the cheap and nasty shit from autopro. (usually very good for other stuff though) and i went and bought genuine. from frikken holden. must have rocks in my head. when my airconditioning blew up they were going to charge me $1200 for a compressor, plus labour, plus whatever else they could find. ended up costing me $450 including whatever else the totally cool local auto electrician could find. (he's bailed me out a few times before as well)

so i buy these damn wiper blades. $18 for the set. even the girl who sold them to me at holden is looking at me, as if to say, "you're not gonna spend $18 on wiper blades are you?". fuck (i don't say). i just pay and walk out. do you know the worst thing. they are totally worth it. i've put on brand new cheapo wiper blades, and they've been shit from day one. these ones actually work. they don't smear, squeal, smudge etc... even though i don't usually fill the washer reseviour/resoviour/reservour (where's the dictionary) reservoir myself, preferring to wait for the 10,000k service, there is still washer fluid in there and the windscreen is now clear and beautiful.

gees. in a month or so i might wash the damned thing... (where's the kids. want some pocket money?)

disclaimer: "how can he be going on about wiper blades?" you ask
well if you've come here looking for reason and sense, har har de fucking har.

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