Tuesday, February 01, 2005

i probably shouldn't be on the computer. we're in the middle of the coolest storm. it's just started banging and crashing and raining. and the lights are going dim and bright and stuff. i really should buy that damned ups soon. especially with the weather we've been having.

it must be hitting something good. everytime we have a storm my adsl drops out every few minutes. but i can understand it today. it sounds like something huey gurgling or clearing his throat through a giant drainpipe

but then it's either sit in front of the computer with a few beers, or do something constructive. i was good today, went for a bit of a bikeride so i could have an excuse for a few beers. which is better (slightly) than just drinking and not trying to burn it off at all...

but i've finished getting back up to date with schlockmercenary (thanks Ruth). i used to read it, but it went kinda wierd for a while and i stopped, so i've spent a few days reading the last coupla years worth. unfortunately now i'm up to date i've got no web comics to read! i'll have to troll round a few others... oh will you look at that, weekend warriors has been updated again! (update links...)

today also seems to be the day of broken-home-computers. 3 people now have dumped home computer crap on me to try and fix. sometimes i have laptop days, sometimes i have every computer i own fucks up and dies (laptop is still dead, burial later this week), including my damned dive computer, sometimes i have cluster-fuck days, today is broken home computers

fucking computers.

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