Wednesday, February 16, 2005

humpday - yay!

soccer training has started (that's football for anyone not in australia or the northern american states). so at least i'm working off some of my testosterone or whatever it is, that is driving me crazy. plus i'm gonna be busier than (insert clever saying here). soccer 3 nights a week, plus a saturday. unless i'm working on the weekend. which will be even busier.

so about 12 people turn up for the first night's training. and by the end of the night, after a bit of a muck around game, we have about 6 injuries. i'm trying not to do anything stupid and hurt myself or be clumsy and take anyone out. (getting old) but we had a partially dislocated shoulder, strained ankles, bleeding ankles (shoulda wore shin pads shouldn't he), and a sore jaw from a shoulder charge gone wrong. plus my leg muscles are as tight as a bowstring. there's a few of us feeling like that though. stretch stretch strech.

but that's cool. i need to keep myself occupied or i go nuts. maybe i'll be worn out enough so i'll get some more sleep as well. been waking up at wierd hours and not able to get back to sleep.

the boss leaves in a few days, and i'm gonna be busier at work as well. or perhaps just "more challenges" as our departmental boss is apt to say. when he's just dumped a whole pile of shit on me. that some group director has been hassling him about. they come up with these wonderful ideas. only they haven't let us finish implementing and ironing the bugs out of the last fucking stupid idea.

anyway. enough work whingeing. gotta be good. get up early. do lots of stretches. or else my back is gonna have me back at the physio in record time when my poor posture and poorly stretched leg muscles pull it out of whack again.

orright, that's enough beer and blogging for one night. now my sister has let me at the computer. the rat has left the building...

(well ok, the room with the computer in it anyway)

woops. was gonna be good. but after trolling through Troppo Armadillo's Troppo Top 20 rock/pop poll i got inspired again. and i finally found it. underworld's space kitchen (or rubber ball). i know i've got shit taste. but i don't care :-)

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