Wednesday, February 02, 2005


well it's all back to normal. as usual i completely misread the situation. i thought this cute girl was interested in me. so, as usual, i spun my wheels a lot, was a complete pain in the arse, bothered her too much, and generally accomplished nothing. turns out she wasn't interested at all. or if she was i drove her away.

it's hard work being this clueless all the time.

climbing at the gym tonight. stopped at the beach a few times on the way up to check out the swell. and it's big. gotta get out tomorrow and see if i can get a wave or 2. after climbing we went to the "hot chili food house" and had turkish pide. yum yum.

talked to a friend of mine on the phone. she's just broken up with her boyfriend and needed someone to vent at.

just another stupid day in the life of a rat...

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