Thursday, February 17, 2005

finally, stupid thursday is over. i escaped at about 6:30-7:00. ok, i'm sure lots of people work later than that. don't care. i didn't want to be there. fucking stupid computers.

tomorrow we're up to the hunter valley for a winery tour and stuff. should be great. dad says while we're up there we should check out some irish pub he went to when he was up there. errrr, we'll see...

a mate of mine hoped we'll have good weather. like i care. if the weather is shit, we'll drink indoors. not a problem. as long as the beer is cold, i'll be happy. yes i know, it's a winery tour. i'll try a little bit, and then drink beer.

how do you become as un-cultured as me you ask? years of practice. i'm just looking for a relaxing weekend away with friends. no pressures. no deadlines.

so i'm thinking, maybe i could spend this time tonight packing and stuff. heh heh heh. i think i'll just do my normal trick. wait until tomorrow, sleep in, panic, pack too much shit, then have a redbull or two to wake me up on the way.

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