Sunday, February 20, 2005

ever had one of those perfect days? well saturday was like that. sunny, enjoying wines, pissed...

the clouds were scurrying over, it looked (to my drunken eyes) like they were going around in circles. music. lightning storm, thunder.

and the heavens opened up and it was raining datsun cogs. outside this brewery where we were sitting, the water started to pool, and rise, and straight away we could smell sewerage. yuck. but i'm sitting around under the shade cloth, checking out the lightning show, while everyone else files inside. then the last people tell me that there's sewerage in the water! doh! so i jump from chair to chair to get inside untainted. icky! a quick toilet break and i find that the roof is leaking somewhere. some of the employees have buckets under the water. the is water pouring out of a light fitting, which is still turned on for fuck's sake. one of the group i'm with says he'd better isolate that light. so they turn it off. and this guy (he's an electrician) says, no, it's gotta be turned off. stupid employee says it's turned off at the wall... idiot. we're out of here.

back to the cabins, and there's a blackout. beers into the freezer, candles lit, keep drinking. more rain, more rain, lots more rain. it's not like the north or south coast for volume, but it's pissing down.

and they were having one of those "a day on the green" concerts next door as well. we missed out, tickets sold out. turned out to be a good thing. they had to cancel it, mid show. the next day there were blankets and shoes and rubbish everywhere. what a mess!

sleep in sunday. (i think some of them are still asleep) and drive home. i think it's time for me to follow Jonas' example and try for a dry month. starting tomorrow. made easier by my much busier weeks now. i really need to dry out. the only problem is being sober for so long and i'm gonna be a lot more alert, and energetic and emotional. which may or may not be a good thing. i'm sure if there's a way for me to mess up being sober, i'll find it...

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