Saturday, February 05, 2005

didn't want to get out of bed this morning. had a few beers at the pub after work. (gotta love it) then ended up having a few beers and watchin the cricket at a mates place. many ales and much bullshit later and i've gotta go home for an early-ish start saturday.

it's about a 30 min walk from his house to my house. but i get bored when i'm walking home pissed. so, as usual, i ended up running home. a little sore and sorry this morning. wasn't so keen on the idea of going water skiing. but when i finally dragged my sorry arse round to my mate's place who has the boat, i got kinda enthusiastic.

still a little rusty, and got no endurance. but we're getting there. the jelly blubbers aren't so bad now. not as thick as they've been. with a bit of luck they'll all fuckoff or we'll get a big flood and the fresh water (that usually runs down the river when the fucking river mouth isn't closed) kills them. we had to be back by 1:15 for one girl to get a lift to work, and me to pick up the grommets. besides they're back out tomorrow and mr new-boat-owner was stuffed :-) so i said i'd ski back to the wharf like we used to. crap, took me 6 goes to get up, 5 mins later i'm exhausted and ready to drop off. my bro was following with dad's boat. the plan was when i fell off (like an overripe fig from a fig tree) he'd pick me up, so the girl who needed to get back in time, and who was in nbo's boat, would make it.

and then we hit the smooth water, for the first time today. wind shift. wahoo! god i suck at skiing. all my lovely big arcing turns which were meant to spray water ect ect... were really sucky stop go turns. gotta get new bindings for my (well another mate's) ski.

looking forward to winter now. afternoons after work skiing. noone on the river. ski back to the ramp and get put on the whip. i ski through the 4 knot zone at about 45 knots and try to make the wharf. ive only got away with it once. the driver has to put you on the whip at the right time, in the right direction ect.. fun to try though :-)

the kids all had a blast. on the ski biscuit, bouncing round like i dunno what. they're still giggling about it. pity i didn't have my kids this morning, just nbo's and my bro's. they'd have loved it. next time grommets...

i've said it a thousand times, and i'll say it a thousand more. fuck i wish i'd bought my mate's ski boat when he sold it!

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