Thursday, February 24, 2005

day 4

72 hours i survived. and then i weakened. round to the folks for a bit of a bonding session, a few beers over the crossword. drat. but then, tomorrow is a day off (except for a poxy telstra communications presentation at 7:00 fucking am!) and then it's the weekend.

my aim is to only drink on weekends, with occasional (very very occasional lapses). unfortunately i've got all the self control of a 3 year old, so if i don't make an effort to bring it under control (and keep the fridge empty of beer) i'll be drunk every night. as i have since before christmas. so i'll be trying to see how long i can go again next week. if i only make it to thursday or friday i'll be happy. (if my lunch date happens on monday i'll be happier).

i'd also be happier to get just a bit fitter, and burn off a bit of my fat tummy. we played shirts and skins at soccer training last night. it was embarrassing!

been sulking lately as i haven't been for a ski for a few weeks now. been trolling boatpoint looking at nice ski toys. i'd have no problems getting people to fill it let me tell you. next summer i want my own damn boat. so anyway, dropped in at my bro's for a quick gday whilst pedalling around stinksville (the cultural centre of the shoalhaven) this arvo and our friend with the boat rang up asking if we wanted to ski this weekend. damn damn damn. going away to port stephens with the dive club. and the damned wakeboarding championships is on this weekend as well. (this dude is a legend. good wakeboarder, goes to the states half the year at least on the wakeboard tour, a couple of years ago, he brings an event back here. looking good so far) fuck fuck fuck. missing everything! but NEXT weekend we're going skiing. haven't found a new ski yet, or even got a new binding for the old ski yet, but i'm going anyway. i'll ski on a fucking wooden fence paling if i have to. screw the jelly blubbers (with a 300hp engine connected to the prop :-) ) i'll just bounce along them. and whinge about it the next day.

i wanna take a week off to go to stoney park. it's a waterskiing complex up near port macquarie. looks fucking awesome. bet they don't have any frikking jelly blubbers. then i can come back and totally impress everyone with my cool slalom skillz. (as opposed to an occasional good turn, usually followed by an 8 out of 10 stack when i try and repeat it). but i'm excited (big kev, you've got nuthin). should be a lot of skiing to come this winter. i'm sure the other blow ins will give up as the water gets cold. leaving us freaks to light the fire on the beach waiting for our turn :-)

my sister came up with a new word to describe me. "he has some indio-syncracies". very close :-)

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