Wednesday, February 23, 2005

day 3

survived another day. unfortunately :-) i thought my mettle was going to be tested with lunch at the pub. but too busy to go. damn. oh well i'll keep counting then and see if i can make it to the weekend. humpdays are pretty hard. getting ground down by the stupid week, then my pay goes in. hmmmm, that'd buy a loverly little box of beer to put in the fridge...

soccer training. found a new muscle that i didn't know i had. or something. right in the middle of my left kneecap. and the coach/captain is jogging around with his left knee clicking and carrying on like a busted sprocket. didn't seem to worry him. but i don't like pain. so i took it real easy. (getting old yeah i know :-p )

back at work to replace a battery backup unit in our server room. someone else had already unpacked it. bits everywhere. anyway i've just about got it in, and it doesn't fit in the old rackmount. here we go. stupid pricks have assumed we were replacing exactly the same model, and left out the rackmount kit. so i bodge it up a bit and get it in. about to plug in the battery and there's a sticker on the plug. "refer to manual".

there's a manual? fuck! so i sort through all the shit everywhere to find manual, new cables, and a complete rackmount kit. pull it all out and start again. finally i get it all in, and going. the back of the racks looks like an explosion in a black spaghetti factory. black power leads going everywhere. fuck it. i've had enough. i'll tidy it tomorrow. maybe.

the worst lifting you can do is sitting down. it's better to lift while bending your back (which is bad anyway) than to lift while sitting. so here's me with my arse on the computer room floor, trying to wedge this fucking thing in the lowest section of the rack. and now i'm slouching (dammit, sit up straight) at my desk making sure no kooky error messages have popped up from the computer that monitors everything.

every now and then someone configures a new computer with the ups power management software. and they leave it at the factory defaults. so the first time there is a power spike or low voltage, it pops up a message on every fucking computer in the domain that's logged in (300-450). and we get at least a hundred phone calls wondering what's going on.

ok, i've blathered enough. this is too much jumping from subject to subject even for me, with my goldfish attention span. time to konk off and go home.

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