Tuesday, February 22, 2005

day 2 and still breathing.

last day for the boss today. a bit hectic and frantic. and i'm still tired from last night. why the hell my sleep habits have started screwing up has got me knackered. maybe it's stress from the boss going and me having to do his job. he's leaving because of the stress, so that's got me a bit nervous. at this stage i'm just going to try and wipe some stress out, and if i get offered the job, then i'll make up my mind.

played squash with L after work. she's playing heaps better than last week. good sneakers makes a difference. D didn't want to play as he's hurt his back. but i reckon it's because his new girlfriend is getting all his attention :-) then i thought that seeing i was still all hot and sweaty i'd go for a bike ride. stupid chain jumped the front sprocket and ate the plastic chain guard. grease and chain prints all over my fingers (and my shirt) and i'm off on my way again.

went shopping. then i actually cooked dinner. i think this is the first time i've cooked for myself, and not just because i've got the kids, for over 3 months. i've been extremely slack. it's been 48 hours since my last beer, how much further can i go...

i've just got in the shit from my sis because when i went and did the shopping i bought cherry tomatoes. not gonna cook them, i just eat them out of the fridge. turns out she's got them going feral in the garden. oops.

i've tried watching telly to keep me amused. but it's way to fucking boring. soapies and adds and got knows what. but it's sooo boring. so i'll bore a bit of the world with some meaningless tripe on here. troll some other bloggers. and maybe even tidy up some of my mess. maybe...

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