Sunday, February 13, 2005

at work, bored out of my nut, trying to escape.

kids turned up this morning, we had planned to go skiing. but new-boat-owner thought the weather wasn't up for it. so i just nicked dad's boat and took the kids for a drive up the river instead. jelly blubbers are still everywhere. i musta been just lucky not to get stung the other day. so instead of trying to teach D to ski, i taught both of them to drive the boat.

got a little way to go though. L just doesn't want to go fast (maybe this gives the wrong impression. she just doesn't want to go fast, she wants to go REAL FAST). she still isn't to switched on about the channel markers and stuff like that. she just wants to push down the throttle and steer. D is a little more switched on, and a little more cautious. some skiers were waiting for us to get out of the way as we cruised back down so i just told him to steer and pushed the throttle for him so we'd get out of the way. managed to get 40 knots out of it, which i thought was impressive for this boat. pity it won't go that fast with a big fat skier on the back.

and the water was so glassy. woulda been a great day for a ski. damn gotta get both of the kids to get their licenses (plus age one more year) so i can ski while they're driving/observing :-)

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