Monday, February 07, 2005

another weekend has gone, leaving me behind in it's ruins.

the kids stayed over on saturday night. didn't do anything exciting. just watched a movie or two and relaxed. but i had to get them up early on sunday and take them home so i could meet up with some friends and drive up to sydney for the second final in the cricket.

a good day of drinking beer and watching the cricket. well light beer anyway. yuck. the usual fools and loons but nothing too annoying. i thought the pakis were gonna roll us but we got away with it by the skin of our teeth.

then we walked back to our motel, our navigation was less than excellent but we got there eventually. i not only didn't have a clue where i was going, but i didn't know where i was after about 5 mins anyway. we stayed at some poxy motel in kings cross. poxy, but cheap, and good enough for a few hours. so we decided to go for a wander around kings cross. i woulda been happy with any bar that sold beer. but we ended up in some dumb strip club. they must have seen us coming i reckon. me and one of my mates weren't too keen to go in, but the others all wanted to and the annoying person who they were negotiating with said we could go in for free. then some wierd woman brought me a beer, $6.50. fuck. doesn't look like an airport. then she asks for a tip. HA. then i find out that it's some .5% alcohol wierd beer anyway. not 5%, .5%. and the show? nasty. so me and me mate headed out in search of a bar with less wierd people and left the others to their own devices.

with my usual forward planning, i wasn't dressed appropriately, so we only managed to get into one bar, and it was pretty boring. had a few beers and decided to crash at around 2:00am. the others got in afterwards. apparently they crashed into our room and scared the shit out of me mate. but i was out to the world and didn't hear a thing.

in the morning we knock on the door of the other room to tell them we're off and seeyas later. they open the door and another guy from our room goes to walk in and nearly throws up. they'd been having some kind of farting competition. and it stank. a wall of stench came out to greet us in the hall so we waved and ran. ick!

time for some sleep and to dry out a bit.

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