Friday, January 14, 2005

well hello.

the cricket: during which we managed to beat the windies. they've nearly got their shit together, but not quite. brad hogg had a fuckin blinder takin 5 for something or other. go you good thing.

lara did a pretty good post-match interview. a lot better than the likes of show-off aktor. don't get me wrong, i don't hate the dude, but he should avoid talking to the media. whatever...

afterwards however i was subjected to unforseen abuse. i'd only previously heard mention of it on the tssh's poll for unnecessary covers (or in my opinion, covers for which the singer should be shot. but i digress...). i refer to "idle australian's" shannon numb, attempting to sing "come on aussie". unknown deity help me please. this sucks so much. afterwards my sister said "yeah he's pretty bad but that other guy who won that tv show was worse, he's not so bad." and also mentioned that our aunt loves shannon numb because he's a boy from the bush, and therefore can do no wrong. well i'm sure he can't, and i'm no authority on singin, but please stop it all now.

shannon numb and gay sebastion may have been top dog on "australian karaoke", but just between you and me, i'd rather listen to drunken japanese try and sing elvis songs at a karaoke bar. at least they already know they suck and don't give a shit. they're just pissed and lovin it.

and at this stage let me insert disclaimer: got nothing against japanese (and other asian karaoke victims i've seen in karaoke bars. keep goin dudes. y'all having more fun than a, errr, bunch of ticklish people in a feather, ticklish, thingy factory) fuck it. i don't make sense anyway. their sense of humour must be at least as stupid as mine, or else they'd never attempt karaoke. however my sense of humour must be stupider, because i know how bad i sing, and how bad i dance (ever heard the expression "a frog in a sock?") but i keep on going. people who have seen me attempt to sing on stage, while pissed (how else?) will attest to this...

the original version of "come on aussie" wasn't really that exciting or that well done, but it was a whole lot better than that.

oh yeah, the point. shannon numb, and gay sebastion, you guys really suck. if you're gonna make it in music and stuff, find a fucking band and learn real music. yer fuckin useless... i'd rather listen to any of the really cool pub bands i know. they do good covers, their own stuff doesn't suck a lot, and when in doubt, they play really loud with drums and stuff.

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