Thursday, January 27, 2005

ugh thursday

and i'm feeling it too. we went for a bit of a ski yesterday. and now all the muscles that haven't been used for ages are hurting. ow ow ow

oh well, it was fun. except for all the jelly blubbers in the river. we had to go upriver for ages to try and find a place where there were none. eventually the driver went for a ski, but gave up after getting stung a few times so we went up a bit further. we decided to give up then and just head back, but i wanted to have at least one ski before giving up. so i said i'd ski as far back as i could go, and try not to fall off, and jump off at a beach. apart from the jelly blubbers, and my leg and arm muscles which turned to blubber, it was a great day to be out and about on the river.

so now it's back to reality once more. bleah.

i had the kookiest dream last night. usually i don't remember my dreams, but this one i thought was wierd enough to remember i guess.

arnold swarzenegger, sharon stone, and some other girl actresses i can't remember, who have been in swarzenegger films, were doing one of his movies. only they were doing it as a stageshow, in an old wooden school hall. the good bit was when sharon stone had a "wardrobe malfunction". they were all prancing around, acting and fighting and doing movie stuff.

hmmm, maybe i shouldn't talk about my dreams :-) some psychologist type person will probably work out some interesting thing that's wrong with me from all that. oh well.

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