Monday, January 10, 2005

more frikken computers, and i'm on holiday for chrissake!

finally repaired my desktop computer at home. so i can get back on the net and do my daily blog and comic surf, posting moronic experiences from my unco life :-) i've still got a broken laptop computer, but it's a work computer so if i can work out how to get out the hard disk i'll get work to buy a new drive and i'll fix it myself, as it's unfortunately out of warranty and too useful for me to be without. and tomorrow i've got a computer job for the local video shop...

i'm enjoying the holiday experience though. getting out of bed at 10:30 at the earliest. last week after flying in to sydney i went to the cricket. the second day of aust vs pakistan. after being in melbourne for 10 days i saw trams, watched people do them kooky hook turns and no-one was killed, but never actually got into a tram. when i get back to sydney the easiest way for me to get to star city, where we were staying before the cricket, was a train then a tram.

the cricket was great, beer in the sun, watching us take on the pakis. i never thought i'd say the seats in the scg are luxurious, but after the mcg, i reckon they're pretty good. you gotta laugh at some of the morons though. i mean what are they thinking? a policeman comes over and tells a drunken idiot (who's been abandoned by his partners in crime) that they're watching him. all he has to do is nod and shutup. but he says he's not doin nuthin. blah blah blah. they say they've got cameras all over the place, been watching them make a beer snake, so he says, wanna see a snake? and flops out his old fella. 30 seconds later the cops are dragging him out. well done einstein. two other losers went streaking across the field. i wonder what makes them want to do that?

the next day i'm back at home, drop off the pressies for the grots, merry christmas and happy new years little dudes. then the boss (from the boat) rings me. 2 hours later i'm on board the boat for the rest of the week. we had pretty good weather, good diving, and they were a pretty good bunch. easy going people, including 2 families with teenage kids, which is a little unusual. but they fit in alright and on the last day we had a big water pistol fight. they ganged up on me and one would shoot me from one direction, then the other one would open up on me with a super soaker when i retreated into ambush.

back home, unpack, make a huge mess (which i've yet to clear up), go out for dinner at an italian restaurant, then sleep in late the next morning.

the kids came over for saturday night, more staying up late and sleeping in :-) they're back home now. their mum has this week off so they'll be home, i've got them the following week. turns out i've got a few computer jobs to do anyway. oh well, i can do with the extra dollars, i've given the credit card the usual xmas bash and now i've gotta take it easy for awhile.

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