Sunday, January 16, 2005

it must be hard to be a dipshit all the time. but i seem to manage.

i get home tonight, after, yet again, makin a complete dick of myself doin karaoke. (look out idle oztralians, yer got nuthin on me) and i'm famished. so i hook inter some mince left over from my sister's last taco mix. it's all way to hot for me (the only thing lower than my tolerance for hot food is the ground). but i'm hungry, spinning like an idiot, pissed as a git and as co-orinated as the united nations. tomorrow is gonna be an interesting day.

so my mouth is burnin, and i'm lookin for relief.


termorrer is gonna be a big day. gettin the kids at sparrow's fart for a surf, then round to me mum's for a bbq. i think a nap in the meantime is gonna go down a treat.

it must be hard bein this dumb all the time, but i've got a loverly knack for it

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