Friday, January 14, 2005

i love having a few beers and watching the weather (ok, or having a few beers and watching telly, reading a book, weeding the lawn etc...). and it looks like we're gonna get a bonsa little storm.

just dropped into the bottle-o for restocking. they've got a plastic tub full of ice and beer. the label on the front. "ice cold beers $2". i couldn't resist. the beer out of the cool room isn't gonna be that cold. at the moment i get a beer and put the next one in the freezer. then replace them as i go. otherwise they aren't cold enough. so an ice cold beer was (actually is, drinkin it now) just perfect. the perfect temperature for beer is about 1 degree above freezing. if you leave it in the freezer and ice forms, you've waited a coupla mins too long. the only way to get it perfect is to put in an esky all day with ice. the ice cold water is just perfect, too much water and you've gotta get rid of some and put in some more ice. keeps you amused for hours :-)

didn't get a surf today, the wind beat me up (8:30, damn thing musta been listening to my alarm, i won't hit snooze termorrer) and the only place that was sheltered, had no waves. the only place that had waves that i found, was yucky. so at sparrow's fart tomorrow i'm gonna be up (again), grab grot D and head for somewhere that should be working. the ne swell is up a bit more, and it should be blowin south until sometime or other, when we can switch to backup spot if the swell is still a bit higher. good theory, tomorrow well tell.

so today was just chores and boring shit. plus playing burnouts 3 on the playstation as well.i might have to stop playing that game. i'm running out of swearwords to hurl at the telly when things don't go my way or i smash into randomn traffic. oh well.

so it's time to crack a few ice cold ones and read my book until the storm hits :-)

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