Sunday, January 16, 2005

i love drinking, and i hate hangovers. damn.

today was a beaty as well. finally, i'm feeling over it. i don't think i'll be installing another one anytime soon now. (famous last words). fortunately the other "party victims" from last night were feeling similarly under the weather today. (misery loves company)

a surf today would have been fantastic, and probably fixed me up heaps. but where i wanted to go was blown out, where the surf was good was too big for taking grot D, and probably for me as well, besides it was absolutely packed and i'd never have got a wave anyway.

notes for self:

- sculling your bourbon and coke because you want to leave and go home because you're feeling under the weather is not a good idea

- scoffing a huge plate of some kind of mince which my sister says is "spicy" because you've got the midnight munchies is a fucken stupid idea

- laying on the bed and spinning out, and then making an appointment with the porcelain telephone is no fucking fun

- passing out watching the cricket on telly is good

- leaving the surfboards in the car, as the car heats up, letting board wax drip all over the place is bloody stupid. however it was a good excuse to scrape it all off so i can try this new wax my brother gave me. mrs palmers mighty mounds (do not eat or chew). smaller harder nipples, satisfaction guaranteed hehehe.

i felt like i was breaking the code though by taking off the old wax. the guy who taught me to surf told me you never remove the wax. you just keep adding. leave any sand, gravel, sticks, whatever on there. it's all grip. however i like wax better than gorilla grip. i ripped off the front grip and just left the back foot grip.

when i got the board made the guy asked me what design i'd like. i said i hadn't thought of that but we worked something out. i figured after he went to all that trouble i'd like to see the design rather than putting grip on it.

- don't sing karaoke. i really suck at singing :-)

ps: what makes esky lid riders go the wrong way on a wave? it's a frikken right hander, and i'm closest to the breaking wave, so i've got right of way, and he's goin left for chrissake. i try and go around him but fuckup like normal. end up ditching so i don't spear him with my weight behind it, and he runs over me. sure we're all good natured and sorry dude and stuff, but i've never understood it. if the wave is goin right, go right, unless you've cutting back or whatever. seen hundreds of them do it.

oh yeah, and if you aren't standing up, then it's not your wave. that goes for goat boats (waveskis) as well :-) we used to love revving up one of my mates who surfed with a waveski. do you know you can surf up behind them and jump on the back? pisses them off immensely. funniest thing i ever saw though was my mate trying to get off a wave. he's paddling out to sea, going backwards over the falls of a 4 foot dumper. ever seen them kayak dudes doing eskimo rolls? well he could do a half eskimo roll, the first half. then he had to undo his seatbelt and get off

**usual disclaimer**
if you came here looking for sense and interesting stuff, then ha ha ha

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