Thursday, January 13, 2005

i love being able to look at the weather online. this morning the ne swell was being stuffed up by the ne wind. but it was 2-3 foot so surfable if the winds swung around. woohoo, the forecast is se-sw 10-15 knots, so i just waited until it said it swung around then went to cool little surf spot down the coast.

holiday traffic is just everywhere, but you get that. i just wish they'd sit on the speed limit instead of 20 km's under it. they inspire some hideous overtaking manoeuvres. a couple of back roads to dodge some traffic, and hopefully the highway patrol, and i'm there.

woops, forgot me sandals, burning the shit out of my feet on the hot sand. but it's worth it, after a 10 min walk i'm through the dunes (cursing people with 4wd's who park almost on the beach) and at the beach. a couple of cool little waves, some unco manoeuvres, fall off some new and stupid ways, and i'm as happy as a cheshire cat.

now if only i can drag my (doubtlessly hungover) self out of bed tomorrow morning before the wind comes up so i can do it all again. then maybe another travel and surf if i can work out somewhere else good. i love havin holidays. the only thing better would be if some of the group i used to surf with was still around and i could drag a few of them out for a bit of a session. oh well, got the kids next week. instant surfing companions :-)

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