Friday, January 28, 2005

i amaze myself sometimes. it's the 11th hour, getting ready for canoeing tomorrow. we're leaving a car at our canoeing destination, paddling up to the campground, rescuing the cars, camping overnight, then going for a little explore on sunday.

my air mattress is a sieve. holes everywhere. so i get a new one. and i manage to get one without a fucking bung. un-fucking-believeable. i amaze the shit out of myself sometimes. so i'm up to my elbows in the bathtub fucking around looking for pinholes in my thermarest so i can fix them. the last 3 holes only bleed air underwater when you put pressure on it. (or sleep on it...). so i'm gonna plug them up, if it's still going down in the morning i'll be sulking big time. the worst thing is, it's all my fault, had days to get ready, and i'm still stuffin around.

at least i'm stocked with food and beer :-)

i think i'm just being fractious. is that a word? where's the friggen dictionary.

breathe in, breathe out. it's hard bein an unco fuckup all the time. i mean, i've got standards (low), and it's hard to maintain this level of foolishness all the time, but i manage, somehow, by dint of great effort and stuff.

how can some people be so cool and calm and stuff? i can manage it occasionally, but when i ACTUALLY want to be an altogether cool, calm and collected frood, like to impress someone and stuff, then i come over as my REAL self. which is a bit of a pity really.

disclaimer: don't expect sense. if you've come here looking for sense then ha ha fucking ha

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