Tuesday, January 25, 2005

hump day approaches...

and i'm as happy as a pig in shit. a mate of my brother's has bought a ski boat. frikken awesome. hello australia day, hello very fucking busy river with crazy pricks all goin skiing.

it's a 19ft hull with a marinised (made ready for marine environment) ford 351. about 50 hours since rebuild (and properly marinising. seems the heads rusted out from the salt water. derrrrr). he reckons it did 50 mph when he was testing it, should be good enough for skiing and footing. dunno about this wakeboard business though. i'll have to give it a go sooner or later i spose. and left hand drive, kooky, at least the foot accelerator is on the right foot. it takes me a bit to get used to a left foot accelerator on a right hand drive ski boat.

so i don't get a sleep in termorrerr. gotta get up, grab brother, skis and assorted ropes and shit left over from last ski boat, and go skiing! woohoo! i'm still gonna have to buy a ski boat sooner or later, but this has put it off just nicely. :-)

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