Monday, January 31, 2005

how's this for a dumb pickup line?

"look, i know i'm not particularly attractive. and i'm sure there's a name for the whole raft of psychological problems that i've got. i'm unco, and i've got classically fucked up timing. "attention to detail" is what happens to other people, along with "planning in advance" and generally "having a clue"

wanna breed?"

sorry. i'm in lust again. it'll be all back to your regular scheduled broadcast of shit, after i, yet again, fuck up and misread the whole situation, and spend a month or so sulking and moaning.

then again, you've seen it all before...
(oh yeah, and people don't usually get it when i'm being subtle, so i'll spell it out, this is exaggeration for effect, well a little bit anyway. don wanna breed...)

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