Friday, January 21, 2005

home again.

amusement, excitement, boredom, stupidity. such is my life.

took the kids up to canberra to check out questacon. about 30 seconds after i left home i thought it would be a good idea to find out where i was going, so i went home and looked it up on the net then we left again.

we also checked out the war memorial. saw heaps of cool stuff, bored the kids shitless. my favourites were the gallipoli dioramas. having seen it in person and heard the difference between what we were taught and what the turks have to say, looking at the mad hills they had to conquer. the kiwis could have done it for us. but the poms didn't give them enough rope or have the balls to hold what the kiwis took. in my ignorant opinion anyway :-)

they've got a _big_ lancaster bomber and one of the midget submarines that entered sydney harbour. you know i thought the lancaster would have been bigger. and the submarine was an experience in claustraphobia. anyway, i enjoyed it. a few things i remembered from a visit when i was younger. and the large aircraft displays i thought were very cool. the only thing i thought was a bit lacking was a bit more of a navy presence. but you get that.

we were going to check out the aquarium and zoo. but got there at about 4:00pm. for the 3 of us the cost would have been just over $50, for 1 hours amusement (shuts at 5:00). we just wanted to see the aquarium. wankers. i'll take the kids to sydney next time. so we went up black mountain tower. probably the kids third visit now. oh well. next time we go, we are going go kart racing, then gonna hire some canoes and paddle boats and paddle around in the lake.

i highly recommend questacon. the war memorial is ok. next time i want to visit the museum. i also highly recommend staying over at a mate's house. drinking, playing burnouts 3 on the playstation and falling asleep late and sleeping on the couch. their 2 year old loves to sleep in. bliss! now mine are 14 and 17 they will sleep in, but at that age they were little morning people. get up early and let everyone know they were awake...

ok, it's beddie bye time. i'm trashed. work next week is gonna suck

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