Sunday, January 23, 2005


i love having holidays. i love doin cool and exciting stuff for holidays, but also you have to find a happy medium. the more cool or exciting things you get up to on your holidays, the quicker they will go. if you are bored out of your brain, then holidays take forever. so i'm always looking for the happy compromise.

just before the pagan xmas festival i went down to melbourne to visit my sis, xmas day at her outlaws, then a bit of melbourne stuff, new years at my sister's, before travelling home for the cricket. lots of sleep in days, stuff around, do nuthin. fucking fantastic.

every year i take a week off in january so i can have the grots over during their holidays, so i thought i had it sorted after a bit of negotiating with my ex. but it turned out she'd been a bit vague when i organised my holidays (must have been her turn :-) ), and we both had the same week in mind for having the kids. oh well. i'll have them the week after. but i couldn't bring myself to cancel that week off. so i slept in a lot, stayed up late, reading, drinking, watchin movies. hello, sloth is my name. taking the kids for afternoon surfs a few times. turned out to be a bit of a painful week in their household, the kids' mum's partner is having heart trouble and gave us a bit of a scare. but it's all cool now.

anyway, so i get the kids this week. they have to go home a few weeks because their mama bear doesn't sleep well when they aren't there. went surfing a few cool places. daughter L is no longer interested in surfing, which is a bit of a pity.but son D and i make up for it while she watches from the beach, then we go and do something that the daughter will like. i'm just an entertainment organiser i sometimes think.

dad. what are we doing tomorrow?

dunno yet. ask me tomorrow.

dad, what's for dinner?

dunno, ask me when we're eating.

dad, can we go to the mall?

what!?!?!? damn. ok. (dad buys a new ps2 game, woops)

but i loved havin them over. and they said they weren't too bored. saw some stuff, went surfing, stayed up late, slept in until they felt like gettin up.

hmmm, looks like the application of beer and talking with my sister has caused me to lose the plot. dunno where i was goin, nor do i care. monday is gonna suck.

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