Sunday, January 23, 2005

another big weekend on the boat. and now i'm trashed. gonna be another hungover monday, i can see it now...

and now i've got sore paws, skin off, and a sore back. but such is life. occupational hazard. one of the more fun occupational hazards are the girls in bikinis. a mate of mine was watching from one of the day boats, signalling me rude ideas and ways of getting my face slapped. so i contented myself with enjoying the scenery.

this is one of our favourite groups. a sydney diveshop called dive 2000. they always bring on a fun, easy going crowd. they keep us busy though. they usually use nitrox (or enriched air), which is a little more time consuming to fill, plus every second person has a camera in an underwater housing. one dude had the biggest housing for his digital video camera (i thought these things were sposed to be small!). about 50 cm long and 30 cm diameter.

after a late friday night, i thought i'd be safe on saturday night, and everyone would crash early. unfortunately i was the last one left of the crew, so i had to stay awake to turn off the generator, got to bed at around 1:30. then an hour later i'm roused out of bed because the southerly change has come, about 18 hours earlier than predicted, so i've got to raise the anchor and help keep a lookout as we go for a middle-of-the-night cruise to the other side of the bay to find shelter from the wind.

needless to say i was a little under the weather this morning. the vodka shots then drambui drinks didn't help either. woops. oh well, i'm not the brightest drinker in the herd.

i'll have to take my camera to work tomorrow so i can download the pictures off it and check them out (i mean, work very hard catching up after being off work for a month....)

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