Sunday, January 30, 2005

and now my energizer bunny batteries are all worn out...

on saturday we paddled from bendeela to tallowa dam. supposedly meant to take about 6 hours. we managed to do it in around 6 hours, but we had huge breaks. stopped for morning tea, lunch, swims, play frisbee, shoot photos all over the place. there's always somewhere i miss with the sunblock. so i've got these randomn red splotches on my legs where i skimped with the sunblock. and they stung in the shower too.

saturday night we camped at tallowa dam. there were people everywhere. i actually brought my tent, but we had so many tents i didn't need it and slept in someone else's. i've had this tent for years now, and never used it. and i'm glad i didn't put it up because i've never tested it in the rain. and we had a lovely storm. first it rained a bit, then there was some lightning and thunder, then it pissed down, then more thunder, then it just drizzled. then it started all over again. the skies groaned and crashed, and the rain went from light drizzle, to downpour.

i thought i'd be last out of bed on sunday morning, didn't get out of bed until about 7:30. the sun was just too hot on the tent to stay inside. but the others didn't get up for a bit after that. it might have been hot in the tent, but it was still overcast. a lot cooler for paddling. but typically it meant that on our way back to the campsite, we were paddling into the wind. i think i need the physio to look at my back again :-)

i felt like a coupla beers, but i'm stuffed. i'm gonna crash presently. which will be a shock to the system. waking up on a monday morning without a hangover and after a full night's sleep...

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