Tuesday, January 11, 2005

after my disasterous year with relationships last year, i've got it figured out. stay single. so far, so good. the girls have always seemed to understand this and keep their distance ;-)

but now i find myself taking a girl to lunch occasionally, and out for drinks. i've always been attracted to her, so now i'm wondering if i can maintain this singleness that keeps me happy.

expect sulking post soon when i (as fucking usual) screw up everything again. i'm just trying to remember, and stick with, my dad's advice. which you can use for all occasions. when in doubt, remember the third option. when faced with 2 choices, you can always opt to do nothing.

although i like mae west's quote as well (from my usually, stupidly boring desk calendar). "when faced with two evils, i usually like to choose the one i haven't tried before".

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