Tuesday, December 14, 2004

a year ago, after making a foolish dickhead out of myself, in a new but still stupid way, i decided that xmas time this year i'd get the fuck out of dodge city and go and visit my sister in melbourne for xmas/new year.

well the year has gone, and i'm counting the days until i fly down. never been to melbourne before, people who have been there either love it or hate it. it'll be orright i reckon. gonna check out the cricket (boo hiss you say?!) any excuse to go drinking in the sun :-) i won't watch it on the telly but make an annual pilgrimage to one of the sydney games. afterwards we do a bit of a pub crawl back to wherever we're staying. i just take a business card from the hotel/motel so i can give it to the taxi driver when i'm pissed and lost.

gonna try and fit in a bit of scuba diving on the submarines down there in port phillip bay. then i'm gonna see if i can claim the lot on tax :-)

new years down there as well. then fly back up in time to catch up with the normal (normal?) crew that i go to the cricket with. then another 2 weeks off to recover from the liver damage and go surfing every day with the kids.

summer, i love it

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