Monday, December 27, 2004

well xmas was fun. got some good pressies, backyard cricket, met new people, drank too much, passed out.

for boxing day we drove back from wherever we were (still not sure exactly where we were, a finger on the weather map in the paper isn't that exact. somewhere in latrobe valley, like i know what that means anyway...) to a train station so we could go to the cricket.

brand new trains, very nice, designed for fucking midgets. so we're all bashing knees and trying not to fall into the aisle. i'm impressed. it's a train, should have lots of room, and we're more cramped than on the plane. i pity the poor people who use this shit every day. so we get to the mcg, meet 2 others and enter. only in their infinite wisdom, the moron organisers don't sell ticketed seats. it's a free-for-all. so we spend about 30-40 mins trying to find seats so we can all sit together. it's amazing how many people have imaginary/invisible friends they are minding seats for. arseholes. and we bought tickets in advance for the $35. the mother fucking arseholes were selling them at the entrance for $25. un-fucking-believable.

so unlike other places, where you buy early, save money and get good seats. here you might as well just turn up on the day, buy cheaper tickets and get into a free-for-all, end up sitting all over the place.

so we find seats only to find they are designed by the same fucker who built the seats in the train. sardine fucking central. and we're so high that if you trip over, you'll land 3 rows down. so i stop moaning for a while and we watch the game. i enjoyed it. the pakis played pretty good, it'll interesting to see how the game progresses today.

after the game we get back into sardine-frikking-train system and head back to sister's place. some stoned moron started a fight with another loser and the train wouldn't leave. some big dude got the shits with them and threw them both off. i was impressed. one didn't want to go so he ended up halfway across the platform. the railway security was pretty lame though. eventually some railway staff turned up. the second loser tried to climb onto the roof. which would have been amusing, for a sec anyway. and he eventually talked his way into being left on the train to go home. as soon as we got going he was all tough again and bashed on the windows at either the staff or the other loser. then he sits there swearing and carrying on. finally they get off, and more losers get on. fortunately the new losers were a lot quieter. i asked my brother in law how often this happens. he says all the time.


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