Thursday, December 23, 2004

well i arrived in tullamarine safely, and celebrated in the fashion to which i've become accustomed. beer :-)

i always wondered where tullamarine was, after hearing it mentioned in that song, "i've been to bali too". for some reason i assumed it was in queensland somewhere, oh well, everyone knows i'm an ignorant git.

checking the news and reading the blogs over dialup today, leaving randomn comments all over the place, from my sister's laptop. dialup sucks. i put up with it for years and years, but now i've got broadband at home i'm never going back. i shall just have to hound my sister and her husband until they get broadband. apparently the setup cd is in the mail hehehe

we're going to my sister's outlaw's place for xmas eve and xmas celebrations. somewhere out in the boondocks. hell i'm not exactly sure where i am now anyway. somewhere in the 'burbs near melbourne.

so avagreatchrissie everyone. catchyas in the drunken/hungover aftermath as i dunno if i can monopolise the internet connection wherever it is i'm going. might have to socialise and stuff :-)

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