Wednesday, December 22, 2004

wednesday has finally arrived. and with my usual lack of attention to detail, i've just spent 30 mins waiting to get on the wrong plane. now i'm checking out the virginblue blue room. gotta still pay for internet access though using one of the stupid webpoint thingies.

i would be using my laptop but the stupid little fucker zorched itself last night or this morning, giving me not enough time to fix it before it was time to leave. so it's at home, broken, with my broken desktop computer. fuck fuck fuck.

fortunately i rang my brother late last night to remind him he was taking my car home from the airport. he thought he was taking me on saturday. woops. maybe i should just stole a car "liberty city" style and left it at the airport :-)

rang my sister and gave her the wrong time to pick me up, when i realised, i rang back, but she already knew. she knows what flight i'm on even!

ok, now to see if the ps2 is vacant yet...

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